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About Andy Pondillo

Hello! I’m a firm believer that each person’s social media journey is unique to them. Mine is no different. Within my 13+ years of experience, I’ve seen a lot of things! Growing up in Houston, Texas we always had a motto to either “go big or go home.” Going big for me means being a social media ambassador to our industry. How can we grow understanding of our craft, our journeys, our passions? I’m here to share that journey with you.

My core strengths lie in strategic social media planning, dynamic content creation and management, adept B2C/B2B paid marketing, meticulous budget oversight, influential influencer and community engagement, insightful analytics utilization, revenue optimization, and inspiring team leadership.

I excel in aligning social media endeavors with broader business objectives, ensuring tangible outcomes such as revenue expansion and heightened audience engagement. Thriving in the rapid evolution of the digital landscape, I possess sharp adaptability skills, enabling me to swiftly pivot strategies to meet evolving market demands.

✓ Contributed $500K to $12M significant revenue growth per year by co-hosting Tech Roadshows and EDU Roadshows, collectively attracting 50+ clients, driving business growth, and establishing valuable client relationships
✓ Managed significant budgets of $650,000 per month for clients on LinkedIn across various verticals, including B2B, Cybersecurity, EdTech, HR, and Healthcare, leading to substantial return on ad spend and lead generation success.
✓ Secured significant engagement milestones of 242,000+ engagements while orchestrating the management of UCLA’s announcement as the #1 public university in the nation, thereby enhancing brand reputation and visibility.
✓ Recorded 1.7M clicks per month on Yahoo Sports’ radio division, with an avg. of 800,000 clicks, and elevated station ratings to the 2nd best within the sports genre in Houston by enhancing online presence & boosting audience engagement.

Technical Skills: Adobe Premiere | Adobe Photoshop | AI | ChatGPT | MS Applications (Words, Excel, PowerPoint)

Core Competencies include: Social Media Strategy Planning | Content Creation & Management | B2C/B2B Paid Marketing | Budget Management | High-Quality Content Creation | Influencer & Community Engagement | Analytics & Performance Optimization | Revenue Generation & Sales Support | Team Leadership & Mentoring


Brands Worked With

 I am a Sr. Content Solutions Consultant at LinkedIn. My day-to-day consists of consulting businesses across the nation on creative and content best practices, executive leadership, ABM strategy, and anything that has to do with mastering the feed. Sometimes it’s a color scheme, a CTA, or a brand message that is the domino to marketing success. I specialize in finding that piece of the puzzle and relating it to modern trends for optimal efficiency.

From old school social media day-to-day strategy to new and innovative paid social media implementation, Andy is a digital professional who has had a hand in it all. We welcome you to follow along on his journey on this website highlighting speaking engagements, podcast clips, and the ability to reach out for freelance opportunities.

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