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About Andy Pondillo

Hello! I’m a firm believer that each person’s social media journey is unique to them. Mine is no different. Within my 13+ years of experience, I’ve seen a lot of things! Growing up in Houston, Texas we always had a motto to either “go big or go home.” Going big for me means creating a northstar of being a social media ambassador to our industry through a macro lens. How can we grow understanding of our craft, our journeys, our passions? I’m here to share that journey with you.

My career beginnings are in broadcast journalism where I learned to master the art of “telling a story.” I graduated from Sam Houston State in 2011 (Eat ‘Em Up Kats) with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. It led me to becoming a radio host in the Top 40 music genre, which led me to use social media as an extension onto my radio presence. While in radio, I managed Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter) pages to enhance the presence of our stations. It wasn’t until 2016 that I made a dramatic career switch, leveraging my expertise in social media to the marketing world.  Bringing my journalistic approach to marketing agencies and in-house teams, I have led the charge in successful campaigns across a wide variation of industries such as radio, healthcare, personal branding, restaurant, fitness, retail, b2b, museum, higher education among many others. I have supported a wide variety of brands throughout my journey, and have the ability to relate to in-house and agency teams from working in both capacities.

Brands Worked With

Fast forwarding to current times, I moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 2020. I made the move to grow my career as a Social Media Supervisor at Barkley. Since this time I’ve specialized in marketing across EDU, EdTech and B2B verticals. With this step, I entered a new phase of my career which heavily leaned on full-funnel techniques through paid LinkedIn marketing. Whether it is a large or small budget, I’ve taken pride in my storytelling approach to ensure each company is meeting the user where they want in their journey. Playing the long game if you will.

In 2022, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, joining forces to work at LinkedIn. I’m a Sr. Content Solutions Consultant, where I consult businesses across the nation on creative and content best practices, executive leadership, ABM strategy, and anything that has to do with mastering the feed. Sometimes it’s a color scheme, a CTA, or a brand message that is the domino to marketing success. I specialize in finding that piece of the puzzle and relating it to modern trends for optimal efficiency. From old school social media day-to-day strategy to new and innovative paid social media implementation, I’m a digital professional who has had a hand in it all.

I welcome you to follow along on my journey on this website highlighting speaking engagements, podcast clips, and the ability to reach out for freelance opportunities.

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